Bigen Mens Beard Colour Dark Brown 103

  • x Bigen Mens Beard Colour B103 Dark Brown
  • Leaves no stains Perfectly covers grey without staining your skin.
  • Non-drip creamer High viscosity cream covers your beard and wont drip.
  • Fast-touch comb Easily apply to any part of your beard, even shorter bear styles.
  • Specially enriched with Aloe Extract & Olive Oil
Product Description 
Bigen Mens Beard colour is free of ammonia and enhanced with Olive Oil and Taurine. In just 10 minutes, the efficient formula dyes your hair. It is quite easy to colour your hair with Bigen Beard colour B102 . To cover partially Brown Black hair or short hair, apply simply the amount of cream required. Keep the rest in case you need it in the future. Taurine, a colour-lasting agent, is added to the hair colour, ensuring that it lasts long. It contains conditioning ingredients that will nourish your hair and you will have Natural & Healthy-Looking hair.
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