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Makari Exclusive Tone Boosting Body Milk 500ml

Makari Exclusive Tone Boosting Body Milk 500ml

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Radiate your body with a rich blend of skin-brightening botanicals. This Body Milk effectively brightens skin tone, while diminishing the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmented discolorations. Lock in moisture with this BODY ONLY product which will leave your skin hydrated, radiant, and silky smooth.

Recommended for all skin types except sensitive
-Must first apply Toning Glycerin, Extreme Botanical Body Oil, BeBe Almond Massage Oil or other botanical oil to freshly cleansed body.
-Apply evenly on body at night 3x per week.
-Apply sparingly to brighten areas such as inner arms, thighs and legs.
-This product is for the BODY ONLY, DO NOT USE ON THE FACE!!!
-Do not use more than 3x per week. Excessive usage may damage skin.
-Do not use for more than 3-4 months consecutively.
-Recommend using skin type appropriate Naturalle SPF 15 Toning Cream or sunscreen during the day.
-Recommend using Voile de Corps Hand and Body Lotion on alternate nights to keep skin hydrated.
-Recommend using Clarifying Cream and Exclusive Toning Serum to brighten knuckles, elbows, knees and toes.

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