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Outre Swiss X Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Vixen Yaki

Outre Swiss X Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Vixen Yaki

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Featuring an innovative Vixen Cap Construction, SwissX Vixen wigs offer a 4-way part for your customers to switch from style to style. From Dutch braids to space buns, the options are limitless. Designed with pre-plucked Swiss lace at the partings, and a softer cap material, SwissX Vixen is not just style-friendly, but comfortable and easy to wear. SwissX wigs can be styled however you desire transforming entirely the final look every time.

* Innovative Vixen cap construction
* 4-way partying
* Heat resistant up to 180ºC
* Pre-plucked Swiss lace
* Softer cap material
* Style Versatility
* Easy Maintenance

Type of hair: High-Temperature Fibre
Type of product: Wig
Recommendations: Bands tied near the temples of both sides indicate where the side parting starts. We recommend gently separating the hair along the part horizontally from temple to temple when styling.

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