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Pashana Bay Rum Body Wash (250ml)

Pashana Bay Rum Body Wash (250ml)

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What is your idea of a masculine scent? Many body washes claim to possess it, but their legitimacy doesn't rival that of the Pashana Bay Rum Body Wash. The famed Bay Rum aroma is the definition of a mature, striking scent and is masterfully applied to this full body cleanser. Skin will be left feeling soft and revitalised after just one usage of this luxurious wash in your morning shower.

Why it Works

Originally from the West Indies, Pashana Bay Rum Body Wash traditionally uses aromatic oil distilled from Bay leaves soaked in pure Bay Oil and Rum. Compared to the Bay Rum hair lotion, the Body Wash contains added revitalising powers thanks to extra menthol. Of course, its natural formula still contains the same varied ingredients such as cloves and patchouli for an unmistakable scent.

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